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Hi, we're KaCyber. Over 1 million people use KaCyber to discover greatbusinesses in town and share what they love about them with others. Join the nearly 1000 businesses who are already taking advantage of KaCyber to grow their business.

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By signing up for Business Owner Profile, you’ll be able to upload photos, add a link to your website and ensure that your hours, phone number, and other important information are always up to date.

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Respond to reviews as the business owner. KaCyber Business user account allows you to see the customers that have written reviews for your business. Use our free portal available when you Sign Up as Business Owner on KaCyber. You can upload business details and Super Deals for free. Contact us to learn more about listing Super Deals on KaCyber.

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KaCyber provides you with free tools to showcase your business and connect you to KaCyber community. Sign up for more information on the benefits of uploading your business's profile on KaCyber

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Get found by your customers. Over 2 million people use KaCyber to find places to go, and they're spreading the word about their favorite spots. We provide our listed businesses with the power to see what real users are talking about their services. Download KaCyber mobile app and carry the power of our technology in your pocket.

KaCyber App Key Features

Inspired by people and their businesses and driven by mobile technology. KaCyber lets you search for and discover businesses like restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, transport operators and other service providers in your local town or nearby cities across sub-Saharan Africa.

Loyalty and Rewards

Go for your own badge in KaCyber by creating an account, and start earning digital Shilling from just a fingertip. You can use them as cash within our apps in the mere future.

Super Deals

Are you living or traveling to sub-Sahara Africa? KaCyber could help you find a popular venue for almost anything! Find great businesses offering promos and super deals, leave your own reviews and comments!


Discover great brands and businesses around you that offer amazing services sort them by distance, ratings, and so on. Go beyond and share your favorite business Profile details with friends on WhatsApp or Facebook.

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Search for your destination and choose from a wide choice of bus services based on your preferred bus operator, departure times, prices and amenities on-board. Choose seats and pay using Mobile money and other payment options available.

More locations Coming soon

KaCyber services are available in Kampala and over 15 major towns and cities within the region. More locations are coming very soon!

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KaCyber works for your business. Check out our Help and Support Centre for answers to frequently asked questions or to get in touch with our friendly support team.

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KaCyber team builds unique and beautiful products and aims to be leader in the targeted market.

KaCyber APP Is Awesome

KaCyber gives users the ability to view businesses and reserve services across Tourism and Travel Industry, depending on the needs of the local users. Every service we provide is just free for the business owners.

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If you have feedback, please leave us a message at info@kacyber.com or visit at https://blog.kacyber.net; you can also follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/ka_cyber (@ka_cyber) or Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/kacybertec